Sanjeev Gupta

30+ years’ experience advising domestic and multinational firms in India. Specializes in external and internal audits, with in-depth knowledge of insurance, banking, and social services sectors.

Karan Gupta

15+ years’ experience in Risk and Consulting, ex-Big 4, Registered Valuer, CFE, and avid skydiver.

Pawan Gupta

Fellow Chartered Accountant with 20+ years’ experience, specializing in ISA Audit, Statutory & Internal Audits. Trained in IFRS and Technical Reviewer for Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Ankur Goel

20+ years of experience in leading United Nations and NGO assignments in the Development Sector. Holds IFRS certification from ICIA.

Amit Kumar

20+ years of experience in Technology, Ex-Microsoft, a proud member of the 5 AM Club.

Vinita  Bindal

12+ years of experience managing taxes for MNCs, public and private clients, and advising businesses on efficient entity structures and bookkeeping.

Mudit Goel

Bringing 22+ years of experience, proficiency in Asset Life Cycle Management, IT Budgeting, and Server & Backup Maintenance.

Ramkumar Balasubramanian

30+ years of experience, former Accenture professional, avid reader, specializing in AI/ML, Cloud Security, and Automation/RPA

Pankaj Bhasin

25+ years of experience, a former Wipro professional, and expertise in No Code/Low Code, Custom Business Applications, and DevOps.

Gautam Bhutani

Specializing in large client statutory/internal audits.

Ravi Vora

35+ years of experience in consulting with Big 4 firm, specialized in SOX Audit, SOC Audit, and Enterprise Risk Management.

Nakul Gupta

14 years of experience, with a background at BCG and Big 4, focusing on Automation & Data analytics, IT offshoring.

Harpreet Singh

Business Development professional with 10 years of experience in account pursuits, client relationships, and driving business growth.

Narender Rawat

25+ years experienced professional, formerly with Wipro, specializing in Cybersecurity, VAPT, SOC & NOC.

Nivedita Singh

8-year HR Generalist, dedicated to inclusive workplaces. Employee engagement, Learning and Development

Vinayak Puri

Experienced in Internal Audit, Process Audit, IFC Testing, and Risk Advisory. Extensive background in Tax Audit with in-depth knowledge of INDAS/IFRS

Amit Mehta

22+ years experience in diverse end-user technologies, EUC solution architecture, with a focus on Azure infrastructure.

Nikeeta Kothule

Specialized in Internal Audit, Risk Management, and Regulatory Compliances within the Banking and Financial Service Industry, including ASM Audits, Taxation, and Project Financing.

Atri Rastogi

Specialized in the domains of Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Automation, End-user Analytics, and Financial Modeling.

Maneesh Kumar Singh

Ex-Cognizant specializes in data-driven marketing campaigns. Certified digital marketer by Google, Linkedin, and Meta.


Proficient in Bank, Statutory, Tax, Internal, and SOC/SOX Audits, with strong capabilities in internal control design, auditing, financial reporting, and regulatory compliance.

Dipak Rayvadera

Specializing in Accounting, Taxation, and Auditing, with hands-on expertise in Financial Reporting across various sectors, including Banking, Insurance, IT, and Logistics.

Mehak Verma

Strong foundation in Internal Audit, Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, auditing principles, financial reporting, statutory regulations, financial analysis, and internal controls.


Experienced in Internal Audit, Statutory Audit, Bank Audit, and Legal Compliances across the Banking, Real Estate, Manufacturing, and Trading sectors.

Yash Narang

Expertise in auditing principles, financial reporting, and internal controls.

Sonika Gupta

Specialized in SOC audits and conducting thorough control testing to verify the reliability of internal controls, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Shubanghi Gupta

Expert in people-centric HR strategies, specializing in employee engagement, performance management, recruitment.

Rahul Mehta

Experienced in Internal Audit, ICFR, SOX Audit, SOC Compliance, and data analytics, with advanced knowledge of SAP usage and auditing