Dipak Rayvadera

Experience and Specialization in Financial Reporting & Auditing

Yash Narang

Strong foundation in Financial Reportings; Experienced in Audits, specializing in Internal, Statutory and Concurrent Audits

Rahul Mehta

2+ years’ experience in Audit specializing in ICFR, SOX, SOC and SAP

Shubhangi Gupta

5+ years’ experience in people-centric HR strategies; Specializes in Employee Engagement, Performance Management & Recruitment

Sonika Gupta

Specializes in SOC Audits; Conducts thorough Control Testing; Experience in Forensic Accounting & Investigation Services

Mehak Verma

Strong foundation in Internal Audit, Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, Auditing Principles, Statutory Regulations

Sachin Kumar

Experienced in Audit, Assurance & Consultancy; Specialises in ASM & Internal Audits

Meenakshi Sinha

6+ years’ experience in Bank, Statutory, Tax, Internal, & SOC/SOX Audits; Proficient in Internal Control Design

Atri Rastogi

Specialized in Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Automation, End-user Analytics & Financial Modelling

Nikeeta Kothule

Specializes in Internal & ASM Audits, Risk Management & Regulatory Compliances in Banking and Finance Sector

Vinayak Puri

6+ years’ experience in Internal & Process Audits, IFC Testing & Risk Advisory; Expert in improving Business Operations

Nakul Gupta

14+ years’ experience; Strong background at BCG and Big 4; Specializes in IT offshoring, Automation & Data Analytics

Pankaj Bhasin

25+ years’ experience; Ex- Wipro; Expertise in No Code/Low Code, Custom Business Applications & DevOps

Gautam Bhutani

Extensive experience in conducting & managing the Statutory & Internal Audit of large clients

Ravi Vora

35+ years’ experience in consulting with Big 4’s; specialized in SOC/SOX Audit & Enterprise Risk Management

Mudit Goel

22+ years of experience, expert in Asset Life Cycle Management, IT Budgeting, Server & Backup Maintenance

Vinita Bindal

12+ years of experience managing taxes for MNCs in public and private sectors, & Business Advisor

Ankur Goyal

20+ years of experience; Leading United Nations & NGO Assignments in the Development Sector

Pawan Gupta

20+ years’ experience specializing in ISA Audit; In-charge of Statutory & Internal Audits

RM Surve

40+ years’ experience with a background at SBI; Specializes in Audit & Inspection, Recovery Management, Vigilance

Karan Gupta

15+ years’ experience in Forensic Auditing, Risk & Consulting; Ex-Big 4; Registered Valuer; CFE

Sanjiv Gupta

30+ years’ experience advising domestic firms & MNC’s in India, specializing in External, Internal & Statutory audits


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