Atri Rastogi
Data Analytics & Automation Expert

Professional Bio

Atri is a young management professional having a track record of optimizing operations through Lean Six Sigma methodologies, achieving remarkable process enhancements and substantial cost savings. He is proficient in data-driven decision-making, adeptly utilizing Excel, SQL, and Tableau to synthesize insights for strategic planning. He also holds expertise in financial modeling, KPI implementation, and fraud investigation, with a passion for innovation and adaptability in a dynamic industry landscape.

Professional Experience

  • He has implemented Financial Reporting and analytical dashboard presentations using Power BI for multiple enterprises.
  • He has excelled in Excel, SQL, and Tableau, crafting perceptive financial models for strategic planning and data-driven insights.
  • He spearheaded intricate fraud investigations, analyzing 3M+ transactions to map fund trails and ensure financial integrity.
  • He has presented comprehensive MIS reports and SOPs, ensuring clarity in conveying intricate financial analyses
  • He further conducted risk assessment, financial forecasting, and Valuation for Linde Plc for the fiscal years 2020-2024, along with an analysis on Working Capital Management for a fortune 500 company.

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