Risk Advisory and Assurance

We deliver impact far beyond your expectations with a combination of bright minds, effective processes, and world-class technologies.

We live in a more interconnected and complex business environment than ever before. SPC’s global network of Risk Assurance professionals combines 70+ years of deep cross-functional expertise and leading technologies to improve visibility into risks, respond with agility and drive enhanced preparedness for the future.

Our partners & directors are certified in IFRS/ DISA/ CISA and have hands-on experience in IFRS, US-GAAP, SOX, and SOC 1 & 2 reporting.  We have assisted several clients in improving work papers and lead sheet attributes with our library of ELC and PLC controls as well as US-GAAP and IFRS protocols.

We bring together specialist disciplines and commercial expertise. This gives you the insight, foresight, and independent advice you need to build and safeguard the value of all parts of your business. We’ll transform how you perceive and navigate risks so that you can stay at the forefront of change.



Project Planning

Audit scoping based on significant financial statement accounts & disclosures.

Phase - 02

Risk assessment and scope review

Identification of relevant assertions and relative risk of those assertions for selected accounts and disclosures.



Step-by-step tracing of a transaction/process through the accounting system from inception to final disposition.


Control Design Testing

Identification of key controls, and evaluation of their design based on how they mitigated the assessed risk.

Phase - 05

Operating Effectiveness Testing

Control is operating as designed and persons performing the control possess the authority and competence to perform it effectively.


Remediation, validation & Roll-forward testing

Identification of deficiencies and disposition of actual control performed from documented control process, validation of the gaps, and roll-forward testing.

Front-end initiation can be done by an On-site collaborator while SPC in India can actively or passively support all these activities

Certifications & Alliances

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