Budgeting & MIS Reports Automation

Application Layer Over ERP to Track Actual Vs Budgeted  Real Time Interactive MIS Dashboard

Take your budget process to a new level of speed, efficiency, and flexibility. Our Budgeting Automation Management Solution simplifies the process of building and updating the budget. It gives you the power to make budgeting an ongoing process to better inform critical business decisions—without straining your finance team.

Importance of Having a Robust & Automated Budget Solution

Real-Time Insight into Your Data

A robust budgeting solution can quickly & easily give the management insight into variances and provide a more routine process of reviewing discrepancies.

Flexible Forecasting

Forecasts that combine actuals, budgets, annualized values, inputted values, and/or percentages.

Data-Collection and Centralization

It enables the management to keep a close eye on Project Cost Management (PCM), productivity levels, and other key performance indicators.

One-Click Closures and Reports

One of the main benefits of using the automated features of project budgeting software is the ability to generate detailed reports with the click of a button.

Improved Transparency

Budget management software will help you deter and fight fraud involving inflated expenses.

Efficient Reporting

Reports provided by budget management software can give helpful insights that result in lower costs.

Fewer Costly Errors

Some Errors can cause entities to lose crores annually. An effective budget management software gets rid of the possibility of calculation errors.

To Limit Expenditures

Budgeting software can draw up records of previous transactions with a few clicks which can help you limit your spending.

Current Challenges and Requirements

Coordination & Collaboration

Creating a budget requires communication between departments, increasing complexity in larger organizations.


Budgets can be complex and difficult to manage, especially if team members lack financial background or resources.


Organizations start the budget process as late as possible to maximize the number of actual months available for budgeting. With automation, it can be an ongoing process.


Human intervention may result in errors in budget numbers due to consolidating Excel files, which can lead to errors.

SPC NXT's Workflow

Our solutions


Trend Analysis

SPC Team will conduct a grouping level trend analysis of the previous five years’ profit & loss account data quarterly wise.

Strategic Planning

Our experts from the SPC team shall provide enhanced strategic planning services on budgeting allocation, revisions & decisions.


SPC team shall provide documentation service from scratch for better control over budgeting activities.

Software Platform

Setting up an application using the current ERP database & creating a form-based Budgeted Automation Solution.

End to End budget vs actual tracking up-to-date budgeting cost, status, and allocation.

Budget approval mechanism streamlines with revision & validation

Alert and Triggers over Mail, for unfavorable variances reporting

Monitoring – Monthly/quarterly monitoring over budgeting controls shall be conducted by SPC Team.

BI Live Dashboard & Comprehensive Reporting on variance analysis

Various Budget Reports

Budgeting & MIS Reports Dashboards

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