Nakul Gupta
Technology & Outsourcing Practice Leader

Professional Bio

Nakul is a Technology and Consulting expert with 13+ years experience. He is a partner leading the technology outsourcing & consulting practice at SPC Group having experience of more than a decade across financial technology firms and management consulting. He has been an advisor to 10 of the top Fortune 500 global companies as well as large domestic banks & corporates, leading engagements across growth strategy, internal audit, risk and technology consulting.

Professional Experience

  • He provided advisory services on IFRS adoption, financial statement consolidation, and GAAP reconciliation, covering industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical, education, media, and power.
  • He served as an advisor for a global automobile parts manufacturing company, overseeing the reconciliation of accounting standards, inter-company reconciliations, and the impact of business acquisitions on the consolidation of 25 companies worldwide.
  • He further facilitated knowledge management through training sessions for finance staff in media and automobile companies, focusing on the business impact of reporting requirement changes.
  • He evaluated financial risk factors, including market, credit, and liquidity risks, as part of the disclosure in the financial risk management policy.
  • He also managed project deliveries, conducted meetings with middle-level management, and exceeded quality expectations. Additionally, he contributed to the finance team’s implementation of a Corporate Debt Restructuring proposal, involving cash flow preparation, working capital assessment, profitability analysis, and statutory audits for manufacturing and fertilizer industries.