SPC Group Rebrands As SPC NXT, Bolsters Commitment To Technology Blockchain

SPC NXT, a premier Corporate Advisory and Outsourcing Partner, has been undergoing significant digital and cultural transformation since 2015 and has built capabilities to act as a full services company focussing on enabling digital transformation and data-driven decision making for businesses.

In January 2022, the Board of the Company adopted a new brand identity to reflect the cultural and technological shift and will now operate under a new corporate identity.

Fig 1. Logo Transition Of SPC NXT

  • The SPC NXT logo embodies a cutting-edge digital typeface to signify the adoption of emerging technologies within the Group and help the client transform their businesses. Further key values of the Group are signified firstly through the question-mark-themed highlighted “P” in SPC signifying the ever-inquisitive nature and hunger for knowledge, and secondly through a forward-moving emoticon, highlighted in the “X” in NXT to reflect the Group’s onward journey into a technology-led and technology-enabled business environment.

    The leadership of the firm has evolved its outlook significantly through the years – from providing accounting, audit, and tax services to its clients, SPC NXT has now positioned itself as an integrated solutions provider to businesses and also lead the business transformation efforts through emerging technologies offering services under 6 major verticals –

    • Technology, Risk, Integrity & Consulting (SPC TRICS) – ERP Advisory, Information security, Data analytics, Blockchain Advisory, Risk Advisory, Asset Tracing, White Collar Crime, and Dispute Advisory
    • Shared Services Centre (SPC SSC) – Outsourcing Services Delivery centre for US CPA firms and Corporate companies
    • Forensic Accounting & Investigation Services (FAIS) – Forensic and Special Audits for banks, regulators, and government agencies.
    • Financial Accounting Services (FAAS) – Accounting and Payroll Services, IFRS implementation and training
    • Tax & Regulatory Services (TARS) – Direct, Indirect Taxation, Transfer Pricing, and Compliance Services.
    • Business Advisory & Transaction Support (SPC BATS) – Business Establishment, Valuation, Corporate Finance, and Due Diligence services.

    Karan Gupta – Non-Executive Chairman at SPC NXT, said on the occasion of the brand refresh –  “Technology is the key enabler for all businesses today – big or small. Automation, Information Security, Blockchain will all lead to data-driven decision-making and will be the key drivers for success in the Web 3.0 Era. At SPC NXT we are your trusted partners to advise and lead your business into the Next Phase of transformation”.

    Alongside the visual refresh, SPC NXT has changed its tagline from “Knowing Changes Things” to “Transforming Business”. The ideology implies the Group’s strategic focus on assisting clients to navigate the digital transformation and strategic initiatives for growth in the Web 3.0 era. In addition to the rebranding, the website of SPC NXT has also been significantly revamped with new design elements, an AI-based chatbot, an employee and client-focused intranet for HR management and Information Management.

    Talking further about the change in SPC’s tagline, Karan explained, “Traveling the world for global conferences and meets hosted by PrimeGlobal and meeting industry leaders from North America, EMEA and APAC regions has helped us understand the global best practices being adopted in the developed nations and how Indian Firms can leverage technology, networking and global mindset to become multidisciplinary and multinational companies”.

    “The Rebranding amalgamated with our digital ambition will not only rejuvenate and secure the brand, in the meantime but it will also signal the start of an era of futuristic digitalization, as we approach our 75th anniversary. Though there has been a clear connection between the earlier visual identity and strapline, the new branding is all about our clients, people, and culture” added Souraj Sarkar, Digital Marketing at SPC NXT.

    The Brand redesign was entrusted with a dynamic and cutting-edge Croatia based Design agency – AnninnDesign, At the helm, was Nina Budic, Chief Designer Officer who, with her team of 7 professionals, undertook the task of understanding SPC’s vision, conceptualizing the new brand, creating, and developing the visual brand identity, guidelines and templates, along with the website revamp.

    Nina Budic said: “Working with Karan and the entire SPC team was a pleasant and highly iterative experience as each day brought out unparalleled creativity and enthusiasm in both teams”.

    In a recent significant development, SPC NXT has partnered with the world’s leading Regulatory Technology Company – Coinfirm.

Fig 2: SPC NXT Partnership with Leading Regtech Coinfirm

“SPC’s partnership with Coinfirm will enable us to serve India’s Banking sector and Enforcement Agencies, leveraging highly advanced blockchain technologies in the Regulatory space to enable tracking cryptocurrencies over the blockchain network, tracing stolen/ lost Crypto Assets, prevention and red flagging of transactions for exchanges and banks under FATF and AML guidelines using Coinfirm’s proprietary platform”, Karan said on the recent strategic partnership.

“SPC NXT is already uniquely positioned within the blockchain advisory space and has been working with India’s enforcement agencies and banks on asset tracking and forensic advisory. We are proud to partner with them to create a safer blockchain ecosystem. Together, I believe we can help companies to adhere to crypto compliances laws as well as make the space more secure and corrupt-free in a very tangible way in India.” – Mircea Mihaescu, CEO of Coinfirm”,

SPC NXT’s vision is to continue to be a trusted, integrated solutions provider to its clients, and enable technological advancement in the digital era of Web 3.0


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