Organizational Change Management for M365 Adoption

Organizational Change Management for M365 Adoption

While in this document I would be sharing my experience with M365 adoption. However, the fundamentals of organizational change management will remain the same for any technology adoption. One of the challenges most large enterprises face is the adoption of any technology or, rather, operationalizing any technology.

Some of the Roadblock or Challenges large enterprise faces while adapting M365.

  • Lack of awareness of new ways of working / Change is not embedded culturally in the organization. 
  • Lack of knowledge of tools and technology, hybrid infra
  • Lack of alignment between change strategy and business readiness 

Key communication methods to be used for faster adaption.

  • Email Communication (for some critical updates use the Leadership mailbox to communicate the change)
  • Presentations – Online webinar (especially during WFH)
  • SMS
  • Intune Push Notification
  • Communicator (Chat BOT) 
  • Social media like yammer or any other communication like Facebook for the enterprise. 

Key tracks to be considered for training for increasing the adaption of M365

  • Classroom training ( will be difficult to arrange during the pandemic ) 
  • Learning Video  
  • Microsoft Team’s webinar
  • Dedicated Learning Site 

The important point to be considered while designing the training content.

  • Training should be focused on the changing way of working & expected behavior rather than tool functionality.
  • Training should be persona-driven rather than generic training.
  • Impact and user action to be tracked post-training.

These are the typical roadblocks resulting in the low adoption of new technology programs.

While working on multiple large-scale implementations of O365 designed the following framework which would work on 95% of cases.

How do you drive user-persona for the M365 project or what are important factors which need to be considered while driving organizational change management?

One of the most important parameters for organizational change management is Measure the Usage or adaption. The smartest way of doing this is to build these dashboards on Microsoft Power BI Itself.

PowerBI Dashboards basis Data Extracted from

  • Microsoft Office Analytics
  • Office365 Graph API
  • User Derivation Data
  • Adopter Count Usage Trends

OR you can use any 3rd Party tools like 2spark which can help with

  • Gamification
  • Personalized experience
  • Smart Reports
  • Individuals and team challenges

Hope you find this article helpful & please feel free to share your feedback or let me know if need some info.

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