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SPC NXT is a leading Consulting firm with service offerings ERP Implementation, Business Establishment & Valuation, Cybersecurity, Business Continuity Management, and Data Privacy.

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A technological revolution and deep transformations bring new risks and opportunities. Managing risks, internal controls, and establishing effective governance are essential in today’s volatile and complex business environment. At SPC, we help our clients anticipate and respond to critical challenges with knowledge, techniques, and solutions. We recognize the need for businesses to be nimble and responsive when faced with new opportunities. As a result, we provide clients with risk management frameworks, systems, and controls tailored to their needs to steer them toward future success.

Business Establishment & Valuation

Whether you want to establish a subsidiary, find, and pursue a joint venture partner, invest in an M&A project, or rapidly and compliantly set up a presence in a foreign market, we offer best-fit alternatives to align with your strategy and model. SPC NXT provides services for all market entry stages from pre-investment research to post-implementation support for your operations.

We also cater to a full spectrum of purposes for which valuation is required under IBBI guidelines. With our multidisciplinary expertise accentuated by our honored board of advisors, across various industry segments, we have brought clarity to difficult and complex valuation situations and provide reports which may be used for litigation or to support expert witnesses.

Integrated training Analysis

Learning & Development

When developing or implementing training and learning programs, there are a lot of things to consider. Is it scalable? Is the topic, right? What is the best platform to use? Nevertheless, after it’s all done, there are still boxes to check, including whether the training was effective. How can you measure something so seemingly subjective?

Enters Training Analytics!

Training is an investment in your organization’s success. It has the power to transform the impact of training on your business, transform the perception of training from senior leadership, and the way in which you create meaningful training altogether.

Software Capabilities

Membership & Associations

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