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Training is an investment in your organization’s success. SPC NXT’s Learning & Development solutions protect that investment by measuring training effectiveness, finding areas for improvement, and ensuring you reach business objectives.

Learning & Development analytics involves measuring, collecting, analyzing, and reporting data about trainees, and training programs to understand and optimize learning and its impact on an organization.

Most accepted definitions refer to analytics in the education space, not the corporate space. The SPC NXT team has expanded on these definitions to describe these analytics in the corporate space. The key part of this definition is the second half. Analyzing learning and development in a corporate context ultimately contributes to improving organizational performance.

Trainee Analytics

Trainee analytics seeks to understand more about a specific employee or group of employees engaged in activities where learning is one of the outputs. We use it to provide clients insights about usage patterns and performance for specific trainees, such as:

  • What skills does this employee/group have? Where are the gaps?
  • Who needs development? Who are high-potential employees?
  • What topics are these trainees interested in?

Training Program Analytics

Training program analytics seeks to understand how an overall training program is performing. Training program analytics answer questions about the trainee’s strategic impact on the business, such as:

  • Do trainees behave differently after completing the training?
  • Has organizational performance improved because of training?
  • Was this method of training cost-effective for the company?
  • Which training methodology is more effective for the company?

We cover training programs such as:

COBC / Anti Bribe & Corruption
BCP 22301
Data Privacy & Awareness / ISMS

SPC NXT’s Dashboards

Psychometric analysis to check candidates’ trait
Success rate of the overall session
Session Analysis to check the fruitfulness of the session
Concept clarity of the batch along with a particular candidate.
Candidate’s Agility to adapt different quizzes.

Levels of Training Analytics


Analytics starts with measurement or the simple act of tracking things and recording values to tell us what happened.

Data Evaluation

Once the data has been captured, it’s time to start evaluating it and assessing whether the data means something good or bad.

Predictive Analytics

We’re applying statistical techniques to understand, not just what happened, but why it happened. Predictive Analysis creates theories about causation, allowing you to focus on what works best and scrap ineffective training.

3 Phases of Effective Learning & Development

Our three phases of L&D strategy allow organizations to upskill and reskill employees that align with their corporate goals, based upon changes in the business environment.

Phase - I


Phase - II

Specific Skills

Phase - III

Specialized Skills


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