Professional Employer Organization

If an organization directly employs personnel in India, it may be considered to have a permanent establishment in India. This can expose the organization to the risk of being taxed on its profits in India and subjecting it to compliance with Indian employment laws.

SPC’s professional employer organization (PEO) can help mitigate this risk by acting as a “face” of the organization in India and employing the workforce on its own payroll. Our services are designed to assist employers from any country to set up their hassle-free business in India.

We take on the responsibilities of the employer, including tax and compliance obligations, while the organization retains control over the personnel and the work they do. This arrangement provides the organization with the flexibility and cost savings and helps manage its tax and compliance risks in India.


Expand Globally

Expand your business globally without third-party consultants. We will handle all hiring and onboarding within 8 working hours.

Low Turnover Cost

We help clients secure better margins, catapult growth by through focus on core competencies and multiply efficiency through 24-hour client service.

Employee Benefits

A competitive supplemental benefits package that meets all local regulatory norms is provided by our company.

Right Talent

Our global, dedicated talent acquisition team helps you hire the best talent for the job roles you need.


Our automated payroll management system ensures accuracy and avoids double-checks.

Reduce Risk

Our team assists our clients in launching their global business operations with a complete legal entity at the outset.

Automated Payroll Management Systems

Setting up an offshore Services Delivery Model

Step-1: Plan

Assess your current margins and manpower-heavy services such that Outsourcing should be a strategic partnership, not a simple hand-off of duties to a third party. Getting that right requires smart preparation. Bringing in outside minds makes it possible to innovate and drive your product to levels beyond what your internal team might have accomplished. New ideas can come from anywhere.

Following the below steps can help you create a better vision for your offshore team:


Outline the Scope of Work

Define the project’s purpose- Building a new product, building new features in an existing product, or upgrading it to better technologies. What features do you wish to build? What technologies do you wish to integrate? Whether it is a simple development or complex development with changing requirements?

Define the Term of Engagement

Whether it will be a short or long-term engagement? One-time, recurring, or permanent technical support? This will give you an answer to which offshore development center model- Product engineering, Build-to-Scale, or Build-Operate-Transfer model, would work best for your business.

Define the Talent Requirements

Detail the different experts required for the project at various stages of development. It will help you choose the right mode of engagement with the hired team- Fixed Cost, Hourly Cost, Retainer Model, or Hybrid model.

Choose a Development Methodology that would Work Best for the Project

The above steps would help you build an efficient project strategy.

Step-2: Mobilize

After assessing the scope and talent requirements the organization needs to evaluate the services to be outsourced and accordingly decide on the location and Technology required:


Technology is a key lever that has become increasingly relevant to maximizing value generation potential for outsourcing. Organizations that adopt new technologies are continuously forming value networks with clients and technical teams to develop new capabilities and deliver increased value.


When evaluating and defining services that could operate under a shared service center model, management needs to identify the nature of each service and classify it into three main segments: strategic, cognitive, and operational services, to be able to select the best service model.


After the initial service classification, it is necessary to consider the location’s impact on the shared service center. To do so, certain key variables need to be analyzed, such as Talent Availability, Cost Saving Potential, & Required Infrastructure.


Once services are classified accordingly and potential locations are identified, organizations should quantify the expected impact, potential risks, and feasibility of implementation while assessing a suitable partner.

Step-3: Execute

Knowledge Transfer

The backbone of any outsourcing project is knowledge transfer. If done right, knowledge transfer will lead to a seamless transition of the business processes and identify opportunities for process reengineering — standardization, optimization, and automation.

Pilot Run & Evaluation

All the plannings and preparations prove to be fruitful only if the execution is perfect.

For effective execution, the practice of a pilot project, and an initial small-scale implementation should be followed. This implies that the organization must assess the capabilities of the service provider/outsourcing partner before outsourcing the project. This requires proper evaluation which could be achieved by outsourcing Pilot projects.

The outcome of the pilot run should be thoroughly monitored and analyzed to determine the success factor based on predefined criteria.


It is important to monitor any flaws encountered during the evaluation of the pilot run so that both parties may improve upon them and can move forward toward the execution phase. Now as both the client and the provider are satisfied with the results, an agreement can be drawn upon and the contract can begin. The execution of outsourcing agreements should include the continuous monitoring of previously agreed success metrics.


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