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We believe in tech-enabled solutions. In today’s era of digitization,the thing that is transforming isn’t the technology, It’s the technology that is transforming you.

Operating In 3 Countries
Serving Clients
150 + Clients
Across The Globe
50 + Services
Experienced & Friendly Team
300 + Professionals
Investment In Human Capital & Training
$ 10 B Assets
Investigated Under Forensic & Intigrity Practice
1,50,000 + Annual Hours
Offshore Services Served

Our Journey to Eminence

SPC NXT is a team of 300+ professionals with expertise in various domains. For the last 70 years, we have continued empowering businesses by providing high-impact, cost-effective solutions globally.

As a team, we offer quality-laden end-to-end solutions for Outsourcing, Manpower Augmentation, Technology, and Business Consulting to organizations of sizes from Mid-Size to Multinational Corporations across the globe.

Our Culture & Values

We recognize potential, nurture talent and reward high performance.

SPC’s vibrant culture is rooted in values that strive to bring out the best in its people. By committing to our people, and our values, embracing our diversity, and being responsible to our communities, we strive to create an environment where people are proud to work in.


Transparency, first within self and then with the world will lead to openness, fair-mindedness, and receptiveness. At SPC NXT - open sharing of information and thoughts, and building a participatory community are promoted on all levels of management.


Unity of One’s Thoughts x Words x Actions lend immense clarity of purpose and is essential for the effective functioning of the organization. Therefore, peers are encouraged to be forthcoming and concise while communicating. Hence, the policy to “listen first, react later to understand others better” is of utmost importance at SPC NXT.


We strongly believe that Freedom and Productivity go hand in hand. The management is there to guide and provide feedback to the employees while also giving them enough liberty to choose their approach to tackle situations.


Love and respect are the key ingredients to make a community of humble and respectful colleagues who are willing to assist and appreciate each other and address conflicts compassionately.


At SPC NXT we do not promote the culture of being a Cog in the Corporate machinery but focus on everyone's holistic human and professional development. We aim to create visionaries who take strategic risks and work passionately to provide unparalleled client services.


Deep understanding of clients’ problems leads to effective and wise decision-making and strategic thinking while avoiding ambiguity. We work successfully by re-conceptualizing issues and discovering practical solutions to complex problems.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

SPC NXT’s commitment to society is an indispensable element of its activities. We recognize that our actions
and decisions have an impact on society and that it is our duty to conduct business in a socially responsible manner.

The Joy Drive: Spreading Happiness Among Children

On Children’s Day, we embarked on a mission to spread joy and happiness among the children residing near our office. A group of Volunteers from our Noida office bought kids a happy meal and celebrated Children’s Day with them.


Christmas “Share and Care” Drive

For Christmas, the team gathered warm clothes and wrapped them up as care packages. The team returned to our roots in Connaught Place, the place where SPC was founded back in 1949, and distributed care packages to homeless people and children. The team was touched by the heartfelt gratitude of the recipients. Many of them thanked the team with warm smiles and kind words, and it was a heartwarming experience that the team would never forget.


Go Green: Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Holi

Our Go Green initiative for an eco-friendly Holi is a significant step towards creating awareness about sustainable practices and encouraging people to adopt an eco-friendlier approach to celebrate festivals. We are committed to promoting sustainability and reducing the impact of human activities on the environment.

Partnerships & Alliances

SPC NXT strives to create meaningful partnerships and alliances to improve client service and performance.
The following are just a few of the amazing companies and organizations in our network.


SPC NXT is India’s oldest and largest member of PrimeGlobal. PrimeGlobal is the World’s 2nd largest international association, comprised of approximately 300 highly successful independent public accounting firms, in over 100 countries with combined annual revenue of more than $3.9 billion.



SPC NXT is a PCAOB-registered firm since June 2020. The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board is a nonprofit corporation established by the US Congress to supervise the audit of public companies to protect investors and further the public interest in the preparation of informative, accurate, and independent audit reports.



As one of the partners of Coinfirm, SPC NXT provides clients with innovative and high-valued regulatory solutions in the blockchain space. With foundational business technologies for tracking cryptocurrencies over the blockchain network, tracing stolen/ lost Crypto Assets, prevention and red flagging of transactions for exchanges and banks under FATF and AML guidelines using Coinfirm’s proprietary platform, gives SPC NXT the first-hand experience to identify and implement appropriate business solutions, and allow to gain critical business insights and improve client experience.

Industries We Serve

With an in-depth understanding of each industry, we are able to deliver a more contextual approach to each engagement.

Infrastructure & Construction
Financial Services
Oil & Gas
Media & Entertainment
Professional Services
Transportation & Logistics

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