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SPC NXT is a center of excellence using advanced analytics to create predictive insights and enabling intelligent decision-making that can help organizations take proactive decisions and deliver results. Data analytics will help organizations examine data sets to find unseen trends, hidden patterns, and relationships in data to conclude the information they contain.

Our team of experts can assist you to capture data from different sources, sanitizing the data, perform advanced analytics to create dashboards, filters, and MIS reports. We use tools including VBA & Macros based MS Excel, Python, JS Charts, and Power BI & Tableau in a SQL-based environment.

Live dashboard-based customizable analytics help businesses –

Unlocking Data Insights

It is imperative for businesses today to be resilient, to grow and thrive, to innovate, and to become adaptive. As a result, transformation is paramount, and its implied urgency is essential to survival. Technology is the most natural, but unrewarding, way to respond to this disruption even for the most established organizations.

This realization has led SPC NXT to develop a strategic transformation approach that amplifies the core and delivers enhanced capabilities beyond the transformation. Our process automation services provide our clients with the strategy, mindset, and platform solutions they need to continuously respond and grow with data-driven decisions and cognitive actions.

Process Automation gives the advantage of not just responding to disruptions but also

SPC drives your data towards

Roadmap To Data Analytics

Sample Dashboards highlighting analytics Capabilities

Data-Driven Decision Making

SPC nxt Solution

Business Intelligence Analytics

We provide you with Strategic, Operational & Analytical dashboards as per the required needs to provide you with the best UI & UX.

Red Flag/ Green Flag Analysis

We provide you with the Red Flag/Green Flag Analysis to identify unusual transactions by analyzing them through forensic audit tools.

Trend Analysis

We find trends in revenue, expense, inventory, discounts, attendance, courses purchased, and location-wise trends.

Cradle to Grave

Cradle to grave report is computed to find out or to track the life cycle of each process, client, and service provided.

Training Analytics

We can provide training analytics to the key stakeholders so they can review the utility and outcome of the training conducted for their students.

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