SPC NXT Wins Lakeside’s “APAC Regional Partner of the Year Award” for Innovative, Technology-Centric Solutions 

SPC NXT has been named “APAC Regional Partner of the Year” by Lakeside, the leading IT data intelligence company, on 23 January 2024. This award is a testament to SPC NXT’s commitment to delivering quality services, demonstrating growth while maintaining high standards for solution designing, implementation and support capabilities.   “SPC NXT uses business intelligence and […]

Business Applications Development Costs in 2024-25: A Deep Dive into Expense Projections!

The realm of application development continues to thrive. Yet, the journey from concept to launch requires a clear grasp of costs. In this detailed cost analysis, we’ll uncover the key factors influencing expenses, break down costs, reveal hidden expenditures, and share strategies to optimize spending. Whether you’re a startup or an established business, understanding these […]

Strategic Outsourcing: Knowing When to Outsource and When to Retain In-House

In the competitive business landscape of today, organizations constantly seek ways to optimize their operations, enhance efficiency, and stay agile. Strategic decision-making plays a crucial role in achieving these goals, especially when it comes to determining whether certain tasks should be outsourced or kept in-house. In this blog, we will explore the concept of strategic […]

The balancing act: Trapezing with finance and accounting outsourcing

Trapezing with finance and accounting outsourcing Perfecting the art between managing and running a business is what makes or breaks a business. In the present market scenario where competition is tough and technologies are many, generating revenue automatically becomes a key priority. This takes precedence over any function, which is although essential but not directly […]

Risk and Rewards while doing business in India

Western organizations are entering the Indian market in extraordinary numbers. A shut economy until 1991, India is the top objective today for the unfamiliar direct venture, regardless of the dangers of working together there. Albeit numerous unfamiliar organizations actually consider India to be a center to make merchandise for fare or set up help activities […]

Offshoring Series

PART – 1 Offshoring to India – Genisis & Rationale The world has moved towards a shared economy leveraging technology and remote working capabilities. The COVID Pandemic has been debilitating for business, but this is the time to rethink and reorganize to plan for resilience, competitiveness, and profitability. About SPC Group India : Operating for […]


Next-Generation Offshoring:
the Future Imperatives