Gautam Bhutani
Statutory & Internal Audit Management Specialist

Professional Bio

Gautam is Chartered Accountant having extensive experience in conducting the statutory/internal audit of large clients. He is responsible for coordination, planning, team leadership, reporting in connection with the statutory and internal audit with various clients.

Professional Experience

  • He has conducted risk-based internal audits for diverse organizations in the energy and industrial sectors, including entities in the energy sector, and industrial sectors such as manufacturing.
  • He has served as an internal financial control auditor for companies in real estate and energy sectors.
  • He further managed the outsourcing of Finance & Accounting functions for a prominent engineering firm from August 2014 to September 2016.
  • He verified contract awards and reviewed expenses for urban development authorities in India.
  • He engaged as a statutory auditor for various industries, including fertilizers, cooperative farming, foam manufacturing, health insurance, and others.