Maneesh Kumar Singh
Digital Marketing Manager

Professional Bio

Maneesh is a results-oriented marketer with 5+ years of experience, specializing in data-driven strategies and innovative campaigns for customer acquisition and retention, brand visibility, and ROI maximization. Proficient in diverse digital channels including social media, email, SEO, SEM, PPC, and content marketing, he excels in driving engagement and conversions. Maneesh’s collaborative skills, ability to simplify complex concepts, and dedication to process improvement contribute to achieving company objectives. Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Technology and certified in Google Analytics, AdWords, SA360, DV360, LinkedIn Marketing, Meta Ads, Critical Thinking, and Problem Solving.

Contact Information

Professional Experience

  • Evaluated SaaS product(Jobma) for mobile performance and SEO optimization, achieving improved online presence and brand awareness.
  • Managed Google Ads (Search) campaign with a total spend of $150k and executed effective LinkedIn Ads for lead generation, investing $50k for SaaS.
  • In SSI Led a diverse team of 8-10 professionals across PPC, SEO, Social, Email, Design, and Content, closely monitored Google Analytics, crafted compelling email campaigns, curated strategic content calendars, and collaborated with IT for enhanced user experience. Additionally, orchestrated review management on prominent platforms
  • In Techugo(Martech) Conducted competitor analysis to gain insights into target location and audience strategies, contributing to the development of impactful brand awareness campaigns.
  • Orchestrated content creation and curation across social media platforms, driving engagement and brand awareness through 4 projects, while maintaining a meticulously prepared social media content calendar and collaborating closely with graphic designers in Techugo.
  • Supported marketing head in overseeing and optimizing Facebook, Instagram, and Google search campaigns, managing a $70k Google Ads (Search) campaign in Techugo.
  • Executed successful social media campaigns for the following brands: JBL, Revital H, Bonnemaman Us, Colavita, Kolan, Fragata, Mocha Cafe, Vintage Machine.